Here I Am

I have been thinking I needed to start writing here again (it’s been two years!) and the easiest way to do that at this point is to copy and paste what I wrote for Adeline Christian Camp’s spring newsletter.  (I know it’s a copout) However, if you’re inspired please encourage me to continue to write.


Love Never Fails,


This newsletter is long overdue which leads me to apologize for not keeping you up to date on camp news more regularly.  As I continue to learn how to be the best husband, father, provider, and camp director I can be, I am learning that there are priorities to be made in all these areas of life.  Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that I need to set a goal of sending out two newsletters a year.  It seems fitting to send one in the spring to prepare you for the summer and one in the fall to inform you on how the summer went.  So here it goes.

In preparing my thoughts for what this summer’s theme could be I have been continually brought back to the verse in Isaiah 6:8 where Isaiah is before the Lord and he responds to Him by saying “here I am. Send me”.  We could take this in a million different directions so that is why I am asking for prayer on how to specifically engage the students within this theme.

Yesterday as I continued to ponder this theme I decided to prep myself for the day by reading a devotional that I haven’t picked up in a while.  The book is called “Daily with the King” by W. Glyn Evans.  He has many profound things to say and yesterdays devotional was to good not to share.  And I believe it goes along with the theme.  The devotional reads:

I must settle once and for all where my responsibility rests.  I am a notorious worrier, wanting to control every facet of my life, and fearful of anything that is not under my control.  Now God challenges me, “Who’s going to run your life?” If it is I, then I must bear the responsibility; if God, He must bear the responsibility.
My Bible tells me, “The government shall be upon his shoulder” (Isaiah 9:6).  It also tells me that when Jesus found me He placed me on His shoulders (Luke15:5) There is no question here as to who bears the responsibility for me.  Peter says, “Throw all your anxiety onto Him, for His concern is about you” (1 Peter 5:7)

I cannot have two masters; therefore, I must make a choice.  If I choose God as my Master, I must relinquish all responsibility to myself.  This means I cannot be perplexed about God’s will for my life, for if it is His responsibility, then He must inform me, not I Him.  All anxieties should cease for, if they do not, then I have assumed care once again.  If the government is really on His shoulder, then all questions should cease.  For God will make clear to me at the right time what I need to know and what I need to do.  Also, restlessness should cease, for restlessness means I am not in control, I am not on top of things.  Being “on top of things” is now God’s business and not mine.  Therefore I rest.

My sole responsibility is not responsibility but response.  I merely look to the “hand” and the “eyes” of my Master (Psalm 123:2) and respond to His wishes.  I obey with alacrity and that is my triumph and my joy!  Then I hear myself saying with the psalmist, “I delight to do Thy will, O my God” (Psalm 40:8).

Six years ago I made the decision to become camps director and there have been countless times where I’ve tried to control these responsibilities and anxieties myself; wanting to control every aspect of my life.  So as I meditate on what it means to say “here I am, Lord, send me”, it is impossible to do unless I let God bear the responsibility.  Then I must bear the responsibility to respond and rest in the delight to do His will.

Please pray for me and this summers staff as we begin to prepare ourselves for this great summer.

Please pray for the students that we will be ministering to this summer.

God bless you this day!

Love Never Fails,

Chad Toelke

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