Remembering to Remember

This morning I asked Dana for ideas on what to write about.  The first thing she said was, “I don’t ever want to forget Levi.”  I didn’t know what she meant by that because we have pictures all over the place that we see every day reminding us of our precious little boy.  What she meant was his personality, characteristics, and specific details about our time together with him here on planet earth.  We’re getting close to three years since Levi was born and now that we have Ian it seems as if little details about Levi are fading.  We always thought it would be hard to have another boy right away after loosing Levi.  It is and it isn’t.  There are so many differences in the two that Dana was pointing out this morning.  For example, Levi hated one drop of pee in his diaper.  Ian could care less and go all day with a wet diaper on! 🙂 Or, we used to pat Levi on the butt to try and sooth him; Ian will have nothing to do with that.  Likewise, there are many similarities too.   

I recently was tagged in a facebook post from one of our primary nurses who took such great care of Levi.  She was just remembering him and was wondering what he would be like now approaching three years of age.  She also was thinking that he is in a much better place because there’s no pain anymore and there are no more tears.  She continued to tell us that we would never know how much we had touched her life.  Wow, talk about bringing tears to your eyes.  Little things like that help us remember.

It’s hard at times not to see the good that God brought out of Levi’s life, but when you get encouraged by a random post from a friend you haven’t seen in a while it reminds you that God is always writing a story.  

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post other than we were not meant to live this life alone.  We need to encourage each other in every way, even it’s a simple “thinking about you” facebook post.  Love Never Fails, 



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